CHUNK SAMPLER - Wine Soaked Oak BBQ Smoker Chunk Sampler


Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 6"
Ready to ship in: 1-3 business days



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This sampler box is a perfect gift for everyone’s grilling needs. We have combined some of our best selling BBQ items into a single 100% recycled gift pack.




This box contains three bags. Each bag will be different and varieties vary depending upon which wines are currently being bottled.




With long use wine barrels begin to impart less flavor to wine. Winemakers will add fresh oak chips to those barrels to maintain the right balance of delicate oak flavor. When the properly aged wine is filtered off and bottled we dry the chips to put in these handy handsome recycled boxes.




After years of soaking up all the wine the chips are perfect for BBQ and grilling. Just a couple handfuls of these chips while you’re cooking and the flavor’s unbelievable. You can really taste the difference between the merlot Cabernet and Barberra/Pinot soaked chips.




To use: About 15 minutes to an hour before cooking start the chips soaking in water. We keep a coffee can by the grill and every time we start the fire we just throw about a cup or so in the can with a little water to soak while the fire gets going.




If you have a gas grill many have smoker trays built in--or you can make your own. Take a piece of tinfoil and fold it into a packet (we make ours the size of a hot dog bun to give you an idea of size) and load the chips and water into the foil. With a fork or any convenient sharp object punch several holes into the top of the packet. Just put it on the grill right next to the food. It smokes up wonderfully!




For charcoal or wood BBQ's throw the soaked chips directly onto the fire when you start cooking.




A great gift for all your summer grilling friends! We bribe our neighbor constantly because he does the best tri-tip in the county with our wood. We bring the wine and wood chips and he does the rest.




Enjoy and please send us your pictures or great recipes to try. We would love to see what comes our way and will include some of our favorite grilling recipes for you to try in the box.




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