Design Trade Program Application

To initiate enrollment in the Design Trade Program, please fill out the form below and gather eligibility documentation. By submitting you are confirming that you have read, understood and fully accept and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the accompanying Letter of Agreement. All documentation must be reviewed and approved by a Company representative prior to enrollment in the Design Trade Program. 


Business Name

Business Address

Business Phone


Please provide: a) a business card indicating the applicant’s design profession or a design firm website listing the applicant’s name; and either b) a copy of your Business License or Resale Certificate; or c) the name of the professional design association to which you belong and your membership number.

Business License Number or Resale Certificate Number

Copy of Business License or Resale Certificate

Professional Design Association/Membership Number

Copy of Professional ID/Membership Info

The Company reserves the right to change, expand, contract or cancel any terms and conditions on which the Design Trade Program is conducted and/or the attendant discount is provided, and to terminate such program and/or discount at any time. Such changes, expansion, contraction or cancellation may occur at the sole discretion of the Company, even without prior notice to the Design Trade Program member.